There is this internet joke that Omsk, a city in Siberia, is a place so decadent and bleak that it's full of depressed people, drug addicts and lost souls. So when I told some of my Russian friends I was going there they thought I was a bit crazy, when I said I was going there in November they wished me good luck.

Against all odds I found warm and great individuals in this remote place, 4655 kilometers from home. Here's a few of the things I saw there at -20°C.

A woman with her dog along the Irtysh river
Green Island amusement park near the Irtysh river
Wakeboard and water sports center
An old Lada car in the snow
Industrial area around Omsk
A botanical shop where you can find real plants and flowers but also a load of “made in china” decorations and plastic flowers counterparts
A wooden house with a decorated window
Detail of the memorial Voinam-Sibiryakam
A do-it-yourself underground parking door
A passenger in the train from Omsk to Tatarsk on the trans-Siberian line
Killing time on the trans-Siberian line
Industrial area and power plant around Omsk
An abandoned car next to the power plant
An old abandoned metro wagon in an industrial area
Railroad tools in the snow, on them you can read "монолит" (monolithe)
An agricultural grain silo in the Uval’naya Bitiya (Увальная Бития) village, north of Omsk
A man carrying groceries and equipment in Tatarsk
Detail of a window frame from an abandoned datcha in Tatarsk
The tomb of Marfa Egorovna and Semen Pavlovich in a forest near the Uval’naya Bitiya (Увальная Бития) village
An abandoned agricultural silo north of Omsk
A boy ice skating on the frozen countryside road between Omsk and Uval’naya Bitiya (Увальная Бития) 
An old woman in a Marshrutka (маршру́тка) a minibus for public transportation in Tatarsk
An outdoor exercising structure in the woods