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12+ Free Lightroom presets for Fujifilm users

12 Lightroom presets specially designed for Fujifilm X-Series cameras. Those presets also work for other camera brands (but you won't get the sweet Fujifilm film simulations like Classic chrome and ACROS). Check the examples below to see each preset effects.

Note: compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC.

The pack includes:

  • 12 presets (10 color ones and 2 black and white)

  • 12 Tone curves that can be applied separately

  • A Lightroom Classic CC catalog

  • 10 RAW files

  • A how-to guide

With this pack you will not only get 12 presets but also a way to learn about how I edit my files, by looking at the Lightroom catalog you'll have an overview of both my global and local edits. You will find more articles and tutorials on my blog.

Ice blue - Opens up the shadows and the blacks, increases clarity, reduces vibrance a bit and tones down the blue saturation. It gives a beautiful washed out look to your winter shots. Best used in bright daylight.

Urban, Portugal - Tweaks all the colors to make them pop, specially the red, cyan and purple ones. It increases vibrance and opens up the shadows. It's a perfect base for your vacations pictures. Best used on sunny days, while eating a Francesinha on a terrace in Porto.

Urban, London - Reduce contrast, lower the white point and highlights, increases clarity and tweak some colors. It brings out the details in the shadow while staying very subtle. Tones are muted. Best used for urban shots during overcast day or with low contrast images.

Urban, Berlin - Gives a blueish color to the shadows, increases the clarity and bring out the details in your images. It has a very analog feeling which is perfect for street and old buildings. Best used in Berlin while eating a 2 euro kebab and drinking a Club-mate.

Urban, Faded blue - Creates a subtle film look by using a reverse haze removal and split toning. Apply a specific tone curve to lift the shadows and make them blueish. Best used for urban images, with bright sunlight and a lot of contrast (lot of shadows area) or for street portraits. To tweak it further, change the settings in the split toning panel and try different white balance. It also add grain.

Industrial 01 - Apply a Classic chrome film simulation, tweak the primary colors, bring down the white point, reduces highlights and open the shadows. It increases clarity and reduces some colors. Tweak the exposure for optimal results, best used with industrial images.

Midsummer - Opens up the shadows and the blacks, decreases clarity, push up the vibrance and red tones. It also tweak each color slightly. Perfect to add a little bit of life to your shots. Best used in bright daylight during the summer with a mojito by the pool.

Electro red - Opens up the shadows and increases clarity. It apply a more contrasty tonal curve, push up the red/orange/yellow saturation and use the Classic Chrome tones. Best used for live music shots, use the white balance to tweak it, drop the bass.

Electro blue - It turns nearly everything into blue tones, it use the Classic Chrome film simulation as a base then build upon it. It's very effective for concert shots with stage lighthing. Best used for live music shots, turn the white balance to the cooler side for optimal results.

Duotone Cyan - Increase clarity and tweak the colors so that the highlights are a cyan tone and the shadows a soft beige. It also bring details in the shadows and recover the highlights. Best used for street photography, urban images and industrial locations. Tweak the white balance and exposure for optimal results, you can also try to add some split-toning on top of that preset.

BW Noir - Increases contrast, clarity and remove haze (among other tweaks). It's perfect if you want to achieve a very punchy black and white look, like in those "film noir" movies. Best used in direct sunlight with already contrasted images. Shovel not included.

BW Soft - Decreases clarity and brighten red/orange/yellow hues to create a very soft look. It also apply a reverse haze removal, increases contrast, soften the highlights and the blacks. Best used for portraits and nudes. Tweak the white balance and exposure for optimal results.